Monday, 11 March 2019

Heart says all

Hi friends,
love is what the heart feels. For every love there is a heart somewhere to recieve it. love is the best and most beautiful thing in the world that cannot be seen nor touched but just felt in the heart.
I feel heart nd love has become synonymous of each other. When we love our heart throbs...

Materials used here are:
1)Blush paperpack,sequins,heavy gesso(super white) from Papericious.#madewithpapericious
2)Deco stones, sprinkle mist Chestnut spray and Art Gel gloss medium from Expressions craft #madewithexpressionscraft
3)color splash hot pink, fairy dust beehive gold, mixed media paste from itsybitsy metallic flowers from Little birdie.. #madewithitsybitsy

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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

I 💗 U

Its Valentine's Day. Love is in the air. l could feel it, sense it but unable to express through words. At that very moment, i looked at flowers through my window then at
my craft supplies nd smiled. Blush Paperpack is complete in itself. It took just few minutes to express my feelings with flowerz

First i took burlap as base. leaving marginals, covered with red handmade paper. pasted paper patterns nd sentiments. Embellished it with flowers.Instead of pasting photo I added a clip so photos can be changed.
Its ready... Just to say I💓U Hubby

Closer view

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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Buddham sharnam Gachami

Hi friends, today i m sharing creative work of my 8 yrs old daughter
 Anvi Mittal
Class 4
Amarchand singhvi International School.
Hope u will like it.

Materials used:
Waste plyboard
Marriage cards
Paper clay
Fevicryl colours
Buddha embellishment from expressions crafts

I am linking her creation to Expressions Craft blog challenge

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

My winter dream

Hi friends, i m here with my other project: My winter dream. Whole of the project is made from waste scrap materials like newspaper, plastic bottles, plastic glass, old socks etc bcs i believe in recycle, reuse nd save the environment.

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I have used red nd green colours, star , glitter showing x mas joy. The link is 
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I have used two paper packs and a ribbon to play along.In santa claus and background i have used Papericious pattern collection paperpack. In sleigh ive used local paper pack.and ribbon is used in snowman capand gifts in sleigh.
 The link is 

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Time once gone can never be recalled

Time once gone can never be recalled...
Go in direction of your dreams which is symbolsed by arrows.Just follow your dreams and explore them before its too late as time waits for none.
With this idea i created a clock model for my daughters school project.

1) Loved to participate in Papericious tic tac toe:
 I used here middle vertical line :sequins( in dress ), pattern paper (in dress) and flowers.
Also middle horizontal line:glitter (in numbers) pattern paper (in dress) nd jute cord (for hanging clock)
#papericious flowers nd leaves nd quote (follow dreams)from fairyland paperpack
2) very motivating theme at more than words. Just loved the concept of explore and arrows.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Miles to go....

Hi friends,
      Let me first tell u what i had in my mind while making it. Firstly,Lines of Robert Frost which always motivated me:
        And miles to go before i sleep,
        And miles to go before I sleep.
Then, flowers which gives message : never be afraid to let yourself bloom and symbolises hope.Keeping both things in mind I dedicated my art to "Ladies". For all of us, life is a journey where we want to explore new adventures and bloom like flowers.
How to make : First of all, for background i used beautiful vintage maps of Craftangles. Then, for flowers i used old newspapers. I did free hand drawing on newspaper then cut it and coloured it. For double layer i stuck double sided tape in betwween large and small flowers.Then decorated it with half white pearls.
Lastly, to give final touch , i pasted mdf embellushment of cycle on map which symbolises journey. Then i stuck earth on an embellushment from the craft shop on one corner which signifies that adventure awaits. On one corner i stuck handmade flowers to show hope in journey nd heart from madras bazaar signfies heartiest desire to explore the world, in mine case its desire to explore crafty world... 
Thus, my journey begins...

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Mother Earth

 I am so much excited to share my first paper lay out. As it is a month of May which is mothers day special, so I dedicated first work of mine to ' Mother Earth' full of flora and fauna just like a fairyland.
           First of all I selected fairy themed paper. Then, i took heart shaped die cut, coloured it pink and stuck earth on it. Now on golden heart diecuts, i stuck love u and you n me diecuts to show unending love. Next, to show that earth has a fairy bliss in its beauty of nature nd possesses magical beauty, i stuck fairies, butterflies nd sentiment quotes from papericious. Decorated it with flowers from The Colouful Story, embellishments from The craft shop and stickers from Craftsneed.

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